cmp.stages.eeg.inverse_solution module

Definition of config and stage classes for computing brain parcellation.

class cmp.stages.eeg.inverse_solution.EEGInverseSolutionConfig[source]

Bases: traits.has_traits.HasTraits

Class used to store configuration parameters of a EEGInverseSolutionStage instance.


Specify the inverse solution algorithm (Default: Cartool-LAURA)


[‘Cartool-LAURA’, ‘Cartool-LORETA’, ‘mne-sLORETA’]

class cmp.stages.eeg.inverse_solution.EEGInverseSolutionStage(bids_dir, output_dir)[source]

Bases: cmp.stages.common.Stage

Class that represents the reconstruction of the inverse solutions stage of a EEGPipeline.

This stage consists of three processing interfaces:

  • CreateFwd: Create the forward solution (leadfield) from the BEM and the source space.

  • CreateCov: Create the noise covariance matrix from the data.

  • MNEInverseSolution: Create and apply the actual inverse operator to generate the ROI time courses.


Create the workflow of the EEGInverseSolutionStage

create_workflow(flow, inputnode, outputnode)[source]

Create the stage workflow.

  • flow (nipype.pipeline.engine.Workflow) – The nipype.pipeline.engine.Workflow instance of the Diffusion pipeline

  • inputnode (nipype.interfaces.utility.IdentityInterface) – Identity interface describing the inputs of the stage

  • outputnode (nipype.interfaces.utility.IdentityInterface) – Identity interface describing the outputs of the stage


Function that returns True if the stage has been run successfully.


Return type

True if the stage has been run successfully