cmtklib.eeg module

Module that defines CMTK utility functions for the EEG pipeline.

cmtklib.eeg.save_eeg_connectome_file(output_dir, output_basename, con_res, roi_labels, output_types=None)[source]

Save a dictionary of connectivity matrices with corresponding keys to the metrics in the multiple formats of CMP3.

  • output_dir (str) – Output directory for the connectome file(s)

  • output_basename (str) – Base name for the connectome file(s) i.e., sub-01_atlas-L20018_res-scale1_conndata-network_connectivity

  • con_res (dict) – Dictionary of connectivity metric / matrix pairs

  • roi_labels (list) – List of parcellation roi labels extracted from the epo.pkl file generated with MNE

  • output_types (['tsv', 'gpickle', 'mat', 'graphml']) – List of output format in which to save the connectome files. (Default: None)