Module that defines CMTK utility functions for plotting Lausanne parcellation files., scale='scale1', cmap='Spectral', save_fig=False, output_dir='./', filename=None, fmt='png')[source]

Plots a set of values on the cortical surface of a given Lausanne 2018 parcellation scale.

  • roi_values (numpy array) – The values to be plotted on the surface. The array should have as many values as regions of interest

  • scale ({'scale1', 'scale2', 'scale3', 'scale4', 'scale5'}) – Scale of the Lausanne 2018 atlas to be used

  • cmap (string) – Colormap to use for plotting, default “Spectral”

  • save_fig (bool) – Whether to save the generated figures, default: False

  • output_dir (string) – Directory to save the figure, only used when save_fig == True

  • filename (string) – Filename of the saved figure (without the extension), only used when save_fig == True

  • fmt (string) – Format the figure is saved (Default: “png”, also accepted are “pdf”, “svg”, and others, depending on the backend used)